the A-Line: a journal of progressive thought will highlight, by way of the feature called “Convergence,” problems for thought and practice at least monthly, beginning with the launch issue of the journal. We will regularly solicit short pieces of writing from several of our contributors, contributing editors, as well as guest contributors on a common thematic that “Convergence” will advance as the problem to be taken up.

The issues we’ll offer up for analysis (from fables of freedom to climate destruction) are central to the progressive ethos of the journal. We invite readers to return to this page regularly to select from incisive essays, 1000 words in length, that engage these matters with clarity and precision.

Convergence 1: Fables of Freedom

Convergence 2: Styles of Governance: What’s in it for Me?

Convergence 3: A November’s Tale: Assaults on the Franchise

Convergence 4: The Arts in the 21st Century.

Convergence 5: Apocalypse Now and Then

Convergence 6: Movement and Resistance