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Image Credit: Grace Y. Williams, Trump: Metal and Bones, (2017). Bone, metal, rubber, tubing, cd, bullet, leather, paper, enamel. Courtesy of the artist.
Convergence / Politics / Vol. 2 No. 4

Notes to Self and Other Poems

notes to self rant/ rally/ housework (III and) continuing. . . this is for all the traffic jammers and the head bangers, for fights over parking and jumping to the front of the line in your face, to hell with everybody else, “where’s mine?” “I gotta get mine!” too busy […]

Banana Boat Moon Selection: Five Poems
Arts & Culture / The Reading Room / Vol. 1 No. 2

Banana Boat Moon Selection: Five Poems

Banana Boat Moon And a hibiscus behind your ear like the exotically melancholy singer though you are a mad cap trickster who changes your birthday from hurricane time to June 11 on a spring whim in route to the place you claim to be born in it rolls off your […]