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Image Credit: Chester Higgins, State of Affairs, 2020. © Chester Higgins Archives. Courtesy of the artist.
Convergence / Health / Politics / Vol. 2 No. 3

“For all the tea in China, all the oil in Texas”

The American experiment is imperiled again. The danger that has haunted the republic since its founding has been left unattended for too long and is newly, predictably spilling over. The question remains whether or not the co-citizens of this nation are prepared to respond honestly to what they already know […]

Image Credit: Arthur Jafa, Omega Sci Fi, 2014, Courtesy of the artist and Gavin Brown’s enterprise, New York/Rome
Arts & Culture / Convergence / Politics / Vol. 2 No. 1-2

a prefatory note

The truth to which criticism has access fades to blur and we’re sorry for its reckless scrutiny. But the study that soils transparency, in the rightful belief that it reveals an opacity that’s always there, need offer no apology to James Baldwin since it’s he who teaches us to look […]

Our Dreams Cannot Fit Into A Voting Booth
Convergence / Politics / Vol. 1 No. 3-4

Our Dreams Cannot Fit Into A Voting Booth

An tears will not satisfy I to preserve a democrisy whereby youtful lives pay de penalty for politicians’ irresponsibility Michael Smith In his essay “Notes on the House of Bondage,” James Baldwin, contemplating the dispiriting presidential choices in the 1980 election year, dismissed both major candidates for being “as well […]

“Like Rain, Like Thunder, Like Lightning, Like Fire”
Arts & Culture / Politics / The Reading Room / Vol. 1 No. 2

“Like Rain, Like Thunder, Like Lightning, Like Fire”

By the time James Baldwin took the stage at the University of Chicago in May 1963 to speak on the subject of “The Moral (or Social) Responsibility of the Artist,” an impatient authority was immediately discernible. This recently unearthed recording of the novelist, essayist, playwright, and poet, reveals a weary […]

Down Freedom Road
Convergence / Health / Politics / Vol. 1 No. 1

Down Freedom Road

Last Thanksgiving, my mother sat in her open family room staring before and behind her as she told an animated story to me and my eldest sister. Her attention was distracted by the television she sat in front of while we stood, and the visage of Donald J. Trump that […]