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Image Credit: Susan Bee, Anywhere Out of the World, (2019), 24" x 18", 30” x 24”, oil on linen. Courtesy of the artist.
Arts & Culture / Convergence / Politics / Vol. 2 No. 4

from Where Here Were We

June 24 Every once in a while well maybe not every when the wind is especially fierce there’s a rawness without sorrow or wound, shouted into storm, the low the high the good the bad. Well maybe not bad but it feels that way, like a slap across the face […]

Image Credit: Chiffon Thomas, A mother who had no mother, (2017). Embroidery floss, acrylic paint, and canvas on window screen, 57" x 44 1/2". © Chiffon Thomas.
Arts & Culture / Convergence / Politics / Vol. 2 No. 4

from A History of the Bitch (AHOTB)

Testimonial Testify For a time, in some places, only men could testify. “Testify” rooted with testes testicles. Tongue tied to crotch; talk of truth as— biology.                  Biblical Abraham had his servant swear a solid: “put your hand under my thigh, and I […]

Image Credit: Henry Taylor, Rock It, (2008). 5 cardboard boxes (premium malt boxes), acrylic on foam mannequin head, wood) 36" x 12" x 80 1/2". © Henry Taylor
Arts & Culture / Convergence / Politics / Vol. 2 No. 4

The Danger of Cheer’s Resolve

Ruckus squawking overhead, each moment seagulls grousing as if the world were theirs. Somewhat out of sorts, a casual form slogs along the strand gazing at sky’s noise, a forceful finger lifted to the din, his gruff deliberate bark snarling BASTA! Awkward, slightly corpulent, no longer quickly springing up to […]

Image Credit: Charles Frederick, Shawangunk Mushroom, (2013-2020). Courtesy of the artist.
Arts & Culture / Climate / Convergence / Politics / Vol. 2 No. 4

Climate Catastrophes

the roses too/ bloomed red that year/ at the wrong time/ (far too early)/ a warning/ (which once again we refused to heed)/ thus against the fields of white frost,/ they were as though stigmata/ (breaking a holy flesh)/ earth signs, bloodletting/ animals at night/ injuring one another/ (my father […]

Image Credit: Bethany Collins, Too White To Be Black, (2014). Graphite, charcoal, and latex paint on Arches paper 29 × 41 in. © Bethany Collins, Courtesy of Patron Gallery, Chicago.
Arts & Culture / Politics / The Reading Room / Vol. 2 No. 4

Be (In) Water: A Note on the Black Otolith

The first time that I heard the word “otolith” was in a brief video from the Natural History Museum (NHM) in London. In it, their “curator of fish,” James Maclaine, demonstrated the new scanning technology that would allow him to examine the undigested stomach contents of the Museum’s rare, preserved […]

Image Credit: Yashua Klos, Mask (Non-Functional) with Pyramid Headdress, (2014). Paper construction of woodblock prints on archival paper 60" x 45". Courtesy of the artist.
Arts & Culture / Politics / The Reading Room / Vol. 2 No. 4

Cultural Memory and Public Space: Dispatches from Canada

As in the United States and England, statues have been toppled and street names debated in Canada. The statue of John A. Macdonald came down in Montreal on August 29, 2020. Ma(d)Donald you ask? Well, in this case, the first prime minister of Canada (1867–1873, 1878–1891), associated with completion of […]

Image Credit: Yashua Klos, God of The Ghetto, (2015). Paper construction of woodblock prints and graphite on archival paper — 35" x 45". Courtesy of the artist.
Arts & Culture / Politics / The Reading Room / Vol. 2 No. 4

Signifying Blackness

I remember reading Black feminist scholar Audre Lorde’s essay “Age, Race, Class, and Sex: Women Redefining Difference,” and I was captivated by her use of the capitalization of Black, Color/ed, Black women, Black lesbianism, and Black men throughout the essay, while at the same time demoting “white” and “america” to […]

Image Credit: Romare Bearden, Morning of the Rooster. (1980), Lithograph, ART©Romare Bearden Foundation. Courtesy of the Romare Bearden Foundation.
Arts & Culture / Convergence / Health / Politics / Vol. 2 No. 3

Dawn of Darkness 1

I know, I know, It threatens the common gestures of human bonding The handshake, The hug The shoulders we give each other to cry on The Neighborliness we take for granted So much that we often beat our breasts Crowing about rugged individualism, Disdaining nature, pissing poison on it even, […]

Image Credit: John Fenton, Jazz Combo, (1965) n.a., etching and aquatint, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of Donald Vogler, 1980.
Arts & Culture / Convergence / Entertainment / Health / Politics / Vol. 2 No. 3

Frontline Blues and the Post-Rona Truth

There has always been enough blood money, mis-education and mass distraction in these dis-United States to erase any memory of catastrophe or atrocity that brought trauma or ethical contemplation to the surface of the national conversation. Problematic, because acknowledging such scar tissue might direct fealty away from the national religion—materialist […]

Image Credit: Nicole Peyrafitte, KA Kingston (2019). Courtesy of the artist.
Arts & Culture / Convergence / Health / Politics / Vol. 2 No. 3


[….] A Shelter Is Not Necessarily An Island as title for something cogent right now comes to mind & brings to mind Eric Mottram’s 1971 book                         Shelter Island & The Remaining World             […]