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Image Credit: Ezperanza Cortes, La Dorada, (2017), 60" x 1," clay sculpture, gold plated brass beads. Courtesy of the artist.
Politics / The Reading Room / Vol 3. No. 1

Black Disfigurement and the American Hieroglyphics of Race

  Mom, I dedicate this to you. And then they had me, stripped me, battering my teeth into my throat till I swallowed my blood. My voice was drowned in the roar of their voices, and my black wet body slipped and rolled in their hands as they bound me […]

Some Thoughts on Citizenship and Poetics
Arts & Culture / International / Politics / The Reading Room / Vol. 1 No. 2

Some Thoughts on Citizenship and Poetics

As a poet and essayist, I think of poetry as creative heuristics, a means to investigate the world and experience through language, community, identity and politics. In poetry, writer and reader engage the contents of our categorical thinking, formally and informally (in custom and usage), as well as the limits, […]