Convergence / Vol 3. No. 1

Convergence 7: Ruptures and Dislocations

The truth is that events coming to pass in the United States since the presidential election and the January 6 siege on the U.S. Capitol are so shocking to the sensibilities in what they portend for American democracy that they have in fact paralyzed us in speech and action. The continued, systematic killing of black people by an increasingly militarized police force; the politicization of the pandemic and mask-wearing; the advance of conspiracy theories and lies about the presidential election; new voting laws, designed by Republican state legislatures to hinder and discourage democratic voters, especially black voters and voters of color, and a Republican Party that has translated itself into an enemy of democracy are all now so compellingly with us that we will be obliged to negotiate the fallout far into the foreseeable future. We yearn for the success of a new administration, now entering its post-two hundred days, as the forces of evil yap at its heels. Taken altogether, this outcome embodies the dramatic spectacle of genuine uncertainty—ruptures and dislocations—that characterizes our living in U.S society at the moment.

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Hortense J. Spillers

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Rich Blint

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