Articles written by: Editorial Staff

Convergence / Vol 3. No. 1

Convergence 7: Ruptures and Dislocations

The truth is that events coming to pass in the United States since the presidential election and the January 6 siege on the U.S. Capitol are so shocking to the sensibilities in what they portend for American democracy that they have in fact paralyzed us in speech and action. The […]

Convergence / Vol. 2 No. 4

Convergence 6: Movement and Resistance

“Movement and Resistance” provides the theme of the fall issue of the A-Line. Where in the world has there not been movement over the last year from Beirut to Hong Kong, from Seattle and Portland to Kenosha and Minneapolis for one reason or another? What they all appear to have […]

Convergence / Vol. 2 No. 3

Convergence 5: Apocalypse Now and Then

The announcement of this issue was circulated some months ago, but these past weeks have reassured the editors of the necessity of an enterprise seeking to draw together the best of contemporary progressive thought in order to provide the intellectual and emotional sustenance we need to survive this enormous contraction, […]

Convergence / Vol. 2 No. 1-2

Convergence 4: The Arts in the 21st Century

the A-Line editors are excited to present this double issue of the journal devoted to the arts. The double issue gives us the opportunity to elaborate the aims of the journal in supplementary fashion by aligning aesthetic concerns with political commitment, which in times of crisis are never very far […]

Convergence / Vol. 1 No. 3-4

Convergence 3: A November’s Tale: Assaults on the Franchise

“A November’s Tale: Assaults on the Franchise” lends the title and substance to Convergence 3, our spring/summer double-issue, which closes out our inaugural year. We aim here to turn the spotlight on the ballot–supposedly democracy’s proudest achievement and one of the central linchpins of Republican governance. The extent to which […]

Convergence / Vol. 1 No. 2

Convergence 2: Styles of Governance: What’s in it for Me?

Populations around the world today suffer considerable anxiety at the hands of rulers who exercise power at the expense of the governed. Whatever stability of the global order appeared to be regnant in the aftermath of WWII—between 1945 and the rearrangements of power that roiled the colonial synthesis across Africa, […]

Convergence / Vol. 1 No. 1

Convergence 1: Fables of Freedom

the A-Line: a journal of progressive thought will highlight, by way of the feature called “Convergence,” problems for thought and practice at least monthly, beginning with the launch issue of the journal. We will regularly solicit short pieces of writing from several of our contributors, contributing editors, as well as guest […]